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Key Benefits Vacation Veranda Offers You!

  1. Lifestyle Enjoyment –Upgrade your personal or professional living environment experience
  2. Award Wining Designs –Artistic customized creations to fit your lifestyle and specific tastes
  3. + One Room –Maximize your living space, gain an extra room outside onto your balcony
  4. Best Price –We beat all our competitors on price and design
  5. Eco-Friendly –Cut energy cost by cooling hot concrete balcony floors with our “green” designs
  6. Cash Back –50% possible refund with government “greening” programs
  7. After-care Services –Optional maintenance & garden-removal final clean-out services available


  1. 洗練された空間でより充実したひとときを
  2. 2011年日比谷公園ガーデニングショーで銀賞受賞したデザイン
  3. 使われていない住居スペースを有効活用し、広々とした空間を
  4. 最適な価格と高い品質
  5. 自然に優しく省エネを実践
  6. 自治体の助成金制度あり
  7. 万全のアフターケアサービス